Who is Connie?

I was born in Ohio and grew up in the Chicago-land area for pretty much my entire life. I haven't updated this website in years, probably 2020 when I was dating an old ex. It is now August of 23 and I was spurred to work on this website by my (now fiance) Meli. It has a pretty cool website, although it is a little eyestrain-y so do be warned before clicking through. I figured that updating a website, and learning how to code in the process, could be a fun resource to have at my disposal to do all sorts of fun things with. The fact that neocities keeps an active history of your website is very cool, and I hope in a few years I can look back at how the website is currently and go "wow, I sure have learned a lot from then." A large portion of my life has been looking back and being able to see palpable growth, it makes me feel proud.

This is my website, so I can treat this as my own little plot of land to shape however I want, especially considering words only take up so many bytes, I might use this as a place to journal thoughts, or put down cool things I like. Maybe adventures in my life, or video games, but I am not sure. I do have to be cautious however, as this is a public space that anyone could wander upon.